Drain lining

Epros Impregnation Unit


The inversion units are used in applications such as drainage pipes, branch pipes, pipes in houses and mains pipes.

Advantages of using Trelleborg’s inversion drums:

• Suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications.

• Curing when using heat or ambient temperatures, inversion with water or air.

• Constant pressure throughout the installation process. The liner is mounted in the pipe continuously and without any loss of pressure.

• Inversion currents Type I, II and III can be turned vertically at 45 degrees.

• All drums are fitted with wheels or mounted on hangers for easy handling.

• The large service window ensures quick and easy handling of the liners.

• Up to 3 bar pressure test and TÜV certified installations are available.

• Very handy due to the ergonomic design of drums II and III (eg larger hand wheels for easier pull control of the liners during inversion)

• New brackets and bend – without Storz clutches – provide a 60% reduction in weight and space requirements against previous designs.

Type of Threshold

Mini Lightweight Developed specifically for pipe renewal carried out in narrow and hard-to-reach areas
Stainless steel material
Specific gravity: 39kg
Well suited for water heater and steam
Pipe size: DN30 – 150

Type I – for power lines Small unit for pipe renewal of power lines in houses
Material of steel, powder coated
Can be tilted +/- 45 degrees
Fitted on own trolley
Pipe size: DN30 – 225

Type II – for mains Drum for use with branch pipes and mains
Material of steel, powder coated. Optional stainless steel
8 “epros®quick clamp system
Big handwheel
Well suited for water heater and steam
Press up to 3 bar
Pipe size: DN40 – 300

Type III – the Great Heavy drum for use in branch pipes and mains
Material of steel, powder coated. Optional stainless steel
Easy to transport using 3-wheel system with “stop-fix” brake
Adjustable angle of the drum
Big handwheel
8 “epros®quick clamp system
Press up to 3 bar
Well suited for water heater and steam
Pipe size: DN40 – 400


To achieve perfect impregnation of liners, we recommend using a professional impregnation table. We can offer both manual and electrically operated impregnation tables. Depending on size, the tables can impregnate lines from DN40 to DN600.

Impregnation Unit


Steam generators or steam boilers are available as mobile units, optionally mounted on trailers, cars or in containers.

epros®SteamGen M50 Powder production: 50 kg/h
Heat potential: 29,000 kcal/h or 34 kW
Maximum water consumption: 50l/h

epros®SteamGen M150 Powder production: 150kg/h
Heat potential: 90,000 kcal/h or 105 kW
Maximum water consumption: 160l/h

epros®SteamGen M200-800 Powder production: 200 – 800 kg/h depending on model
Heat potential: 140 – 560 kW depending on model
Maximum water consumption: 220 – 880 l/h depending on model

epros®HWB Hot Box 300 Power: 90kW
Tank volume: 20l
Amount/min: 42l